Isabelle Lee is a typical, wisecracking, middle-of-the-pack girl who happens to be dealing with some big issues. Her father has died and no one—especially her mother—wants to talk about it. Meanwhile, Isabelle's sister, who used to be nine and charming, has ruined everything by ratting Isabelle out to their mom about her eating disorder. Isabelle can't bribe her to stay quiet and ends up in Eating Disorder and Body Image Therapy Group. Trapped in a room with no air circulation and orange carpet that smells like Cheez-Its, Isabelle is amazed when Ashley Barnum, the prettiest, most popular girl in school walks through the door. In a world where appearances are all that matter, coping takes some interesting and potentially harmful turns.


“Friend’s subtle use of language, her delicate touch, brought me to tears and out-loud laughter.”

                                       -Midwest Book Review